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A couple weeks ago, I got my birthday present, a new computer capable of streaming on Twitch.  I've been working on getting a decent overlay and Twitch Channel going, and now I'm happy to say that I'm ready to do some Virtual Table Streaming for anyone willing to play D&D. .

If you are interested in joining in, either in a Virtual Table or a Play by Post capability--I can do both--I have set up a Google Plus community at… with various information on the kinds of campaigns I'd be willing to make, or maybe you might be interested in something completely homemade with an idea of your own, at this time I'm easy to please.
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I want to get to chat with some fans of this series.  It seems that my D&D campaigns had a FNAF reference inside, and I wanted to take this and make a D&D campaign based on the characters.  In this campaign in my mind, the FNAF characters, as well as a couple others, were created for a Pizzaria in the game world.  But like in the game, the pizzaria's owner was killed as well as a group of kids by an unknown antagonist.  The spirits of the kids end up inhabitating the costumes like with the Game's animatronics, and the PCs can don the costumes and help them bring the killer to justice and peace to both the pizzaria owner as well as the kids.

It's basically a parody twist in my genre of choice, with the antagonists in the game becoming the protagonists in the campaign.

What I want to know, and want to ask FNAF's fans, is what were the personas of the four anaimatronics.  Before they got twisted by the Missing Children Incident.  I want to incorporate that into the campaign version of these characters.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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I want to tell as many readers this as I can, and I'll post this on my web site as well.  As of late, it is necessary for me to fill up two web sites for a reference:  My D&D Wiki because I will soon start streaming Roll20 sessions with some friends, and a To Be Announced Game Idea site where I can share my video game ideas with prospective developers.

Because of these two intensive items, there isn't going to have enough time for me to do the "Ballad of Johnny Briz" comic for November, so I'm going to put it on a month-long hiatus, returning to the comic on December when I can devote a lot more time in the strips.  This will not affect any commissioned work I'm doing however, just putting one thing on hold so I can prioritize projects.

I hope things will get back to normal sooner than I expected.
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It's not enough that I have a metric BEEPload of work to deal with, I also have to contend with my parents heading to Idaho for over a week, and guess who needs to take care of the home while they're gone?

I'm still at the grindstone however, I'll get everything done (especially with Page 1 now that I've got that Black Ink, JD).  Maybe without a word, but I'll get it done.
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I just noticed it in my DA Home page:  I've been here for 10 years.

Picture my jaw just dropping to the floor here.

And on the heels of that:  God, am I old.
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I won't tell you my snarky response when I heard of his death here, for the obvious reasons.  I have to respect the desceased.
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Since I'm in need for some extra cash, and that every other day I have someone fave my Transformation commissioned work (Ballet Mice, Lola Dressup, etc), I decided to open up a commission for another transformation, costuming, whatever piece.  Anything up to R rating is on the table.  I'll do it in Black and White, $10 a page.  I can only accept Paypal.
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On me beign (gasp!) 45.

Managed to get a decent birthday present for my troubles :…  .  A very powerful tablet for sketching and media, with some extra features, such as a kickstand so it can stand up on its own, a good handheld so I can keep a good grip on it.  But the selling point is something you won't notice into you read down on the features list:  Seventeen Hour Battery Life.

Can you say "Dealmaker?"

That's something to get me to wake up with the sun and head over to a store first thing in the morning.  (That and it was only 1 of these available when I saw it over at Micro Center.)

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in your post and create 5 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Mention them in your journal.

1: I'm a long time internet personality, although for a time It was for real bad reasons.  I hope to say that I've overcome that.
2: Born May 2 (This friday), but I am old enough to be rather sensitive about the subject.
3: I'm on the Spectrum, that is, I've been diagnosed with what is now called Autism Spectrm Disorder.  (For the record, it was originally Asperger's Syndrome, but the current catch-all classification sounds so much more dignified IMHO)
4: I do web comics and dabbled into fiction at a time, and I'm now working with RPG Maker VX
5: I'd like to be very encouraging in my feedback, and not be too snarky in my criticism.

Quesitons I Answer:

Q:  What is your Favorite Fandom?
A:  Classic Disney Cartoons.  Because even when Role 34 is involked--I'm looking at you, :icontwisted-wind:; nothing but much mouske-respect--the fandom doesn't get too acerbic, and Johnny can crash the scene and nobody groans!

Q: Cake or Ice Cream
A: Red Velvet Cupcake with Frosting.  Fsk my Blood Sugar for the next 30 minutes.

Q: What's your favorite Disney shorts?
A:  The old school shorts.  The newer ones are warming up to me, but they need to be longer.

Am I annoying ? oh look,  *points out of the window, you look out* A TRAP :icondragoncakeplz:
A: And here I am asking if you think I'm the annoying one.

Wanna be an Animator? 2D or 3D?
A: Can I go for a hybird here?  3D in the Pencil Stage, but the Painting is done by hand/tablet cell-style.

Questions I Add:

1:  What trends on the Internet today is annoying you.
2:  Favorite Gaming Platform.  (I prefer the PC)
3:  If you could pick any costume, what would it be, and what kind of articulation would you want?  (See Talking Mickey Mouse in the Parks)
4:  Which D&D is better:  3.5?  4ED?  of 5ED/D&D Next?
3:  Nightwish Singer:  Tarja or Annette?


This is someting I always wanted to get but couldn't afford it until now.  Steam had a 75% offer for RPG Maker VX Ace, $17.45US.  It was a bargain.  (Still available for most of today too)  I know that there was some talk about me making a RPG and although I might not start off right away, I just want them to know that I finally got the needed program to at least play around and learn how it works.

UPDATE:  I wanted to get Game Maker Studio _standard_ when it becomes economical for me to do so.  After checking out YoYo Games' web site.  I found out that you can get the Standard version (with the unmilited resources) for free registration, so I scooped that up as well.
1.  Ho Flipping Hum.

2.  What is up with all those wrappings?!
So I'm just going to tap my head, give Gavin a Thumbs up, and show you the link:…
Not that I don't mind working at night; zero dark thirty is when I do my best work.  It's when I get into Flow the easiest.  But when I can't fall asleep until the sun comes up and I can't wake up until 3 of 4 in the afternoon, it's bound to get annoying even for me.  I'd like to see the sun at least some of the time I'm awake.

If there's anyone who have suggestions on how to change the time you fall asleep and wake up, please let me know.
A little vent here, and I know that some people will bite my head off for it.

It seems that every time I post some literature, I have people telling me that my grammar needs work.  To some people, glaringly so.  It's something I understand I need help on, but there's something I need to know on how to improve:  Specifics.  I want to know just how I'm making these mistakes and know what to look for.  That's something I can't get from writing tutorials, or even looking over my files for the twentieth time because I can't see some of these errors even if I'm staring right at it.

What I need, is someone to go over one of my files and proofread them.  Mark up all of my text so that all of my grammatical errors are pointed out, so I can find out where I'm screwing up.

Problem is, nobody wants to do it for me.  I can understand if it's something you need to pay for, even though I'm not made of it, but when some people claim that anything I spit out is so fundamentally flawed that I need tutorials in writing.

I don't need tutorials in writing, I need help with editing.  I need someone who can go through these files and help me with the grammar without shaking his or her head over what they're looking at.

I know that some people in DeviantART can be of some help here, especially with beta and proofreading.  Some who is learning how to proofread and want to keep in practice, I will gladly let you practice and hone your skills with my text files; that way, we can help each other.

Because that is what I need to improve my grammar.  I know something's broke, I need to know what that is, and how to fix it.
Elsewhere on the internet.  Probably on the JB forum:… Someone told me that I'm having problems letting go of my past, which is being nothing more than a victim of the trolls so long ago.  And I have to admit, it has affected not only my current projects, but also my image of me as a person, both online and off.  (Remember all that negative talk about myself earlier this year?)  That was related to this.

I want to let go of my past.  To move on from that bad time, get my crap together, and stop being so damned paranoid about it.  Problem is, I just don't know how.  I'd love to forget about trolls on the internet, but when some people say that even quoting Wheaton's Law… attacks them more than it repels.  (I'm nobody special, I just want to chat with people who won't call me f__ every other word. Wouldn't anyone else want that.) I wanted to turn over a new leaf, and I really want to do it with "The Ballad of Johnny Briz" so that what's left of my future doesn't involve a bottle of booze.  As a friend of mine said, "You had a bunch of big dreams, but you screwed it up."

The main problem I have now is, I don't know how to do that.  Sometimes I feel that it's too late for me to get back the big dreams that I had so long ago.  Only time, and whatever happens with this strip, will tell.

I do know one thing for sure, I'm going to need help. 2012 is a low point for me, and I'm doing my G-Dnest to pull myself up.  I need to find a way back to the big dreams I had when I was younger, and when I didn't care what people thought about me, and without a past to egotistically wallow myself into.  But I might need some support so that I won't make anything worse.  (Part of me feels that I'm making things worse just by posting this journal entry!  I hope that's not the case.)

The first thing I need to do is to remove all references to the bad stuff from my site.  The constant reminders to "------ my name," (I actually bleeped out the first word and it isn't an obscenity) or references to troll pages.  I'd like to remove them, but I fear that I might not get them all.  If there's anyone who'd help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  It'll be a good start.
My latest artist block concerns how Amber makes Johnny a Bona Fide Cartoon character.  I have the pen that will speed up the animation process, to work alongside her computer and tablet.  I have it so that she'll (thanks to all of her McGruffins) hand draw the cartoons with the help from a smaller group.

It's easy to make 1920s-era versions of the Chromatown characters.

But I'm having problems with making a 1920s version of Johnny, so that he'll look on the page like a Classic Cartoon Character.

I tried making it myself, but it just looks too Uncanny Valley for me, so I'm opening it for suggestions, you can even make a picture of what he'd look like. The one with the best image will have credit in the making of this design for the web comic.
Working on the Episodic breakdown on Act 1 right now on Word, and while I'm trying to hop over some writer's blocks, I think it's a good idea to send it to my circle of idea hashers.  I'll keep a copy of it in for people to comment and suggesting of alternatives.

WIP #1 is here: And I hope that you-all can get to it from your end.
Before I begin, I have to say that some of you are doing an excellent job in providing me feedback on these little snippets and scraps of ideas I've been posting here recently, PorygonV bring a prime player in this.  You all are a great help in this and I hope this continues well into the start of the strip proper.

As more commentators come down the pike, I felt that it's a good idea to set up a reminder post on how to effectively give criticism to me, so that I'd actually listen to you , but I wanted to put it out here for the newcomers to read up on and know what I'd listen to and what I'd flat out ignore.

Rule 1:  Do Not be a Dick.
Rule 2:  Do Not be a Dick.

I'm not playing Chuck  Palahniuk here; I quoted Weaton's Law twice because I cannot emphasize it enough.

I'm not saying that you should sugarcoat anything that you find glaring at you.  You do not have to sandwich every negative bit in between two positive bits in a neutral tone, please oh please do NOT do that.  (Although if you think that something's pretty good and that I should keep/use this, by all means do that.) Hell, I wouldn't mind if you put in a quip or two, especially when you find one of those typo bunnies (and they are a lot of those).  What I am saying is to talk, or type, to me as if I'm a normal, if quirky and at times autistic, person and not refer to the British Slang for cigarettes every other word you say.  Let me know that you're on my side and that you want this project to work and do well as I do.

Rule 3:  Specific beats General.

The more specific you give on an item, the better.  Bonus points if you offer suggestions on how I should fix it.  Links to tutorials count.  Working on my own pieces count; The Creative Commons license is used for a reason.  What doesn't count is the 'Type and Run' comments that, if any web cartoonist gets a quarter every time it gets in it's in-box, he won't need a Link card to eat.

A classic example of this:  Instead of saying "Work on your anatomy," tell me where on anatomy I need to work on.  Is the hands too small and I need to make them bigger, do I need to move a foot around so that it doesn't look broken on the page, do I need to leave a little space in the crouch area, and so on.  Same with the Typo Bunnies.  I could use several spelling checkers and look directly at the little buggers, dragging a proverbial fine toothed comb through what I've typed, and I'd never actually see the damn error until someone points it out at me.

I have to admit that this is how my brain is wired.  General suggestions such as "Work on your Anatomy" tell me absolutely nothing, but "Work on the hands" connects with me better.  A current example of this is my forays into shading.  I usually do flat colors because that's all my mind is connecting on.  I'd like to put in shading, but my brain hasn't been wired for that.  Maybe it's something that I picked up in college and over the years died off.  Or maybe I just don't have the proper tools with one program and need another (getting Paint Shop Pro X4 next month, that should help).  But with the many suggestions on how to do this, as well as various tips, examples, links, and what not.  This needed addition to my artstyle will eventually be wired into my head.

Rule 4:  Placeholders are there until i find something better.

A well known problem I had early on, is that I use existing material at first.  I'm sure some of you were headdesking until I explained the matter.  I just don't have every little detail or any little bit of the whole strip in my mind.  I'm seeing the forest first, and not every particular tree.

There are parts that I'm not totally clear about, but I do have some ballpark idea that reminds me of something I've read about of seen elsewhere.  So I put the referenced material in at first, and then fill in the missing gaps later.  Maybe it's a name, or a characteristic, or a location, or what have you.  I put it in knowing that I'll have a better fitting idea later on which will replace that placeholder.  And sometimes after some hashing around online, I find it more sooner than later.

Recently, I do make an effort to tell everyone where the placeholders are and some even helped me fill them.  And that's the #1 reason why I like this form of feedback so much.

Rule 5:  I'll listen to everything, although you might not see it immediately.

We all know of the phrase, "You can't please everybody," and there's no area where that chestnut holds true more than in internet comics.  If you don't believe me go to the comments section of any given web comic and see the groups who like it and those who hate it go at each other.

It holds true as well in the planning stage which I'm in right now.  There are some major areas in the comic that I haven't even addressed yet.  Some of them I'll probably won't until I actually get to that point in the story, crossing that proverbial bridge when I actually get to it, so to speak.  There are some areas I haven't told or written down anywhere yet but I will in time.  Most of the initial stuff will be addressed in the Pitch Bible I'll be writing in November.  It'll include a summary of the three acts, a breakdown of the first act, and the script of Chapter 1.  And it'll also include a lot of collected notes on the characters, what they're about, and how things are done.  Once all that stuff is put into the page, it'll be easier for everyone to see and discuss over than it would be now.

A recent example is "How could Amber bring back Classic Animation using life action H.R. Puffnstuff costumes and a life mouse who got splashed with some Mutagen TMNT style?"  A good question and it's something that I'll discuss in a later date, probably in the pitch bible.  It might be very understandable that Amber can't pump out an standard animated short with just herself and her dream machine Mac.  Sure, you can make something like Steamboat Willie on a single computer and the processor wouldn't even burp.  Hell, you can do all of Tron on a single Linux machine today.  But you know as well as Amber knows that one person, on one computer, is going to take years to do what Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, and a small army of assistant animators can do in a month.  However, she could record a scene in her digicam, put it in said computer, and with a few filters and a general frame by frame edit make that resemble something painstakingly done by 35 animators and do it quite well may I add.  Add various people in costume which she can warp on the editing program, blue screen technology to superimpose backgrounds that update in real time, voice changing software--and even the use of something similar to how Volcanoids are made--and you can create something that can have the spirit of a Classic Cartoon and maybe even have the tone of them as well.  Amber had to use the tools and the talent she had around her, and by God, she will make lemonade out of these lemons.

What I've typed up there in a sleep-deprived haze because the fsking thing won't let me sleep is a rough summary of what I'll write in detail over in the Pitch Bible and eventually into the subsequent scripts.  They will have a reasonable explanation of what is going on and how they'd do it.  All I know at this time is why.

So while I'll keep every little bit of feedback I'll get with you all, if you don't see me using every one of them right away.  Feel free to join Johnny in his mediation room and show a little patience.  I'm not done with this script yet.

Rule 6: RTFON:  Read the Fsking One Note

Granted, my use of Draw Plus keeps me locked in Windows machines, but if there is one program out there that keeps me a Microsoft Customer for life, One Note will be it.  It is the perfect note-keeping program for me and there's not a time where I don't have it open on something.  While Evernote has it's tape format still and most smaller tree-node notekeepers (and the occasional localized wiki) have their systems and languages you have to keep in mind, One Note has an intuitive interface and the ability to just copypasta anything you need to keep in it's digital binders and even move them around in a format that's actually useable.

I have a One Note for this project available for anyone to read: Most of the notes are clips of comments from here on DA, various chat logs I find useful, various character and story ideas, MacGruffins and plot devices and other points of interests that can either stay or go as the story moves from initial hashing to Pitch Bible to the actual strips, and many other articles on inspiration sources and the occasional strange gibberings of an Autistic mind.  There's a good chance that there is something that a) been discussed before and you were fashionably late b) something that explains something that you were about to comment on without you knowing it yet, or c) something that you flat out don't know yet but would want to make sure I cover as many bases I can.  I do invite you to look at the Notebook--it's readable to the public--and then tell me whatever comes to mind.  Maybe there's a placeholder you'd have an idea on replacing, or a little glitch that needed fixing and it's better to tell me about it now than when I'm looking at it in GIMP.  That's why it's there, and it's there where the projects develops through all the stages.

Rule 7:  KISS:  Keep it Simple $#!*head.

Yeah, it's my inner retard talking, the part of me who just can't say anything positive about me--you've seen him in prime form earlier this year--but for once those four words make perfect sense.

I do not want things to be any more complicated than it should be, and the last thing I need is to have things get bogged down by too many characters, too many story ideas, too many plot devices, and so on.  It's probably why my earlier attempts at making web comics end up crashing, too much complexity.  If something in the One Note stage gets suddenly dropped off, or something previously detailed becomes not so later on, or a suggestion that ends up not being taken, it's probably this mantra at work.  You can see it in Susan's dresses.  I didn't remove the red polka-dotted dress because Disney copyrighted it.  I removed it because Polka Dots are a bitch to draw; can you imagine drawing all those circles for a dozen or more pages in a row, even neurotypical brains will be lost.

Adding things, or removing them, is something I will not do lightly.  I want to think long and hard on whatever or not I really need to have something in there, and will talk it out with others.  If I'm 100% certain that the whole story will be improved by the addition or removal of a particular item, chances are that's what I'll do.

And last but not least...

Rule 8:  Wednesdays I play Encounters.  So that's when I'm active the least.  While I do play D&D with one computer, I have the other up and running so I can monitor any feedback, and while I help my parents on the weekends, I'm usually back by the evening Central Time.  Please keep this in mind while you're sending messages to me.

Well...I pretty much typed whatever I wanted to type and I can feel myself getting sleepy enough to actually fall asleep this morning.  So I'll stop here and return later on this afternoon.  Keep up the good feedback folks, and I'll be back later for some more bits and pieces after a couple commission pieces.
Well, I finally took the plunge, I started the Kickstarter project.  You can find it here:…

Rewards include PDFs (and printed versions) of the pitch bible, taken from notes gathering into my One Note Haggling Book: A project-long E-Mail depiction of the comic book, and evne walk-on roles in the comic book as background characters.

Wish me luck.

Update:  The first Kickstarter Advertising Pamphlet is in my 4shared account:…

Update 2:  I have a challenge to fill for this, since all I could hear is crickets and the occasional snicker:  See that hair in the Kickstarter page?  If I get this 100% funded.  I'll shave my head.  I'm sure that some of you would like to see that.

Update 3:  I've been chatting with others here in DA and I decided that a change in direction for the comic's story is in order.  I had two themes that were going in opposite directions and I should go for the theme that is closer to the storyline.  You'll see more on these thems in the comments section.  I made the necessary changes in the Haggling Book: by now and hope to stay somewhere in that direction.
Over the weekend, I've jotted down so many notes and haggled some with friends that I decided that Stash isn't going to cut it in keeping them all together.  For that, I fire up the preview of Office 2013 and set up a One Note on Skydrive.  You can view it at this…

I thank Meiou, Badger, and a couple other firends with haggling, but I still need an artist for me to work with on the project.  I've sent notes and comments all over DA and elsewhere looking for someone who would work with me, but it's either too soon or I'm hearing too much of my Inner Retard.  If anyone's interested, please let me know.

Also, I desparately need someone to comission a work from me this week.  Got broke a bit too unexpectedly over the weekend and I have some expenses coming down to the end of the month.  Any and all paying request will be apprecaited.